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    Tray Erecting Machinery
    Time:2012-10-26  Browse:5998 times
    Tamegar S.L, of Spain, is a company dedicated to the design & construction of tray & box erecting machinery. 

    The company has been proudly serving its global markets for over twenty years with reliable & innovate machines used to form corrugated cardboard trays & boxes for the packing of fresh fruit & vegetables. 

    The machines are known in the market for their reliability in operation. All machines come equipped to form a range of different tray formats & can also be modified to form non-standard trays. 


    From an operator's perspective, 
    machine operation is made easy with the machine's principal movements & configurations controlled by a touch pad screen. 

    For a machine proven in the toughest packing conditions, think Tamegar tray erecting machines. 
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